Sunday, January 29, 2006

Anton Karas "Theme from The Third Man"


"The Many Lives of Harry Lime" was based on the 1949 film of Grahame Greene's "The Third Man". The film starred Joseph Cotton, with Orson Welles in a small but crucial supporting role as Harry Lime. Orson stole the show from his very first entrance; which is arguably, one of the most memorable entrances in any film.

The theme song by zither player Anton Karas was an international hit.

The radio shows were prequels, and portrayed Harry in a much more sympathetic light than the film did. In this episode, "The Blue Caribou", a fortune teller tells Harry that he will meet a beautiful woman with a blue caribou on Tuesday. Only it's already Wednesday....

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jack Benny 431128 Dennis Wants a Raise

"Hello, this is Jack Benny talking. There will now be a slight pause so you can ask yourself: 'Who cares?'" And thus, on the Ed Sullivan program began one of the most successful radio careers. In a very short time after that, Jack premiered his own radio program which ran with different sponsers and different networks for 22 years!!(1932-54)
I think the main ingredient of Jack's success was assembling topnotch ensemble players like Don Wilson, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Kenny Baker, Mary Livingstone, and Eddie Anderson. Then getting terriffic secondary players like Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc, Sheldon Leonard, and many others. And then letting these great comedians do what they did best; be funny.
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